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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Health update

Hmmm, I'm approaching the 7 month mark now with the change in diet to regain my health.  Still following the strict menu as closely as possible.  Again the things I do eat:  meat, vegetables (minus corn and potatoes), legumes, and nuts/seeds.  The things I avoid almost completely are: all dairy products and grains.  I still wrestle with some body aches, but not the gripping pain of 7  months ago.  Yes, I have some arthritis and that kicks my butt now and then, but if I focus on eating more leafy greens like steamed spinach, swiss chard, collard greens, mustard greens............. then I can usually overcome that.  It also is in my best interest to drink at least 48 oz. of water every day.  I'm supposed to get 96oz. but sometimes I feel too water- logged. 
I would like to think that everyone around me would and should eat this way because I know how much better I'm feeling, but I know the grip of addiction and the tendency to be overcome by our own human weaknesses.  All I can say is that if you aren't feeling well and think that popping medication is the answer, consider changing your diet even for only 2 weeks and just see how you feel. 
It took me 3 months to feel 1/2 of what I felt as a healthy person.  It's over 6 months now and my stamina and strength are unbelievable.  I didn't have to get out and work slowly at walking several miles either.  I took a trip to the Porcupine Mts. in late September with the idea that I might walk some of the trails a little way.  But to my surprise I walked a great distance for someone that hadn't done much of anything for a long time.  The first afternoon I walked a total of 5 miles over some rough terrain. The following day I got up and did the same. All of this without pain and weakness, without being winded.  I hadn't even thought about what I was able to accomplish until the first night and realized 'Holy ----!", I had been hiking for several hours and I'm still standing.  And then to wake up the next morning and get right back out there and do it again was just incredible. 
I am living proof that you are what you eat. From the beginning I was skeptical, but I was also skeptical of the doctors wanting to throw any and every drug at me that seemed appropriate for what they thought was really wrong with me. ( Fibromyalgia, arthritis, hypothyroidism)  I am so amazed that this, FOOD,  is all it takes.
I had another ultrasound on my thyroid to see the progression of the nodule and was ecstatic to find out that it has decreased in size.  My endocrine specialist couldn't say why that would be since I wasn't taking the prescribed medication.  I just told her that, I've changed my diet and my nutritionist said this would happen. Of course she had no reply to my remedy.   By this time next year  the nodule should be nearly gone. 
I've been asked will I start eating the things that I've excluded for the past 7 months and I just say," Why would I,  I'd have to be a fool?!"  Of course it hasn't been an easy choice but with each passing month I've got a better grip on eating to live.  I look better, I feel better, I live better. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

I had another consult with my nutritionist today, Karen Hurd.  I looked forward to this one very much this time.  I've been using food as my medicine now for 4 1/2 months and I've had some very impressive results.  The hot flashes and night sweats left me about 3 weeks ago,  my monthly friend has also returned after nearly a year without it, and I've got a whole lot more energy and stamina.  Not to mention that I've lost my muffin top.   I don't miss those terrible, terrible hot flashes in the least and as far as my monthly friend, well...I didn't really miss it, but since it's returned I can say that I've been feeling more like the person I was 10 years ago.  When Karen asked me how I am feeling my response was I haven't felt this great in I can't remember when.

Looking back, I recall having more sluggish days than good days for at least 5 years.  And I thought it to be normal because everyone else around me has been complaining of the same thing.  If you are one of them, I can sympathize, but I also want you to really look at yourself in the mirror. Do you really think that what you put in your mouth doesn't affect your health?  Do you really think that your doctor is going to be able to help you out of this slump or is he/she just going to give you some meds to mask your symptoms?  Did you expect to feel this awful at your age?

So maybe some of you don't really feel that awful and the caffeine and sugar you consume can still kick your butt into motion.  Lucky for you then!  I should be jealous.   I was beyond that, caffeine hasn't been able to kick my butt into motion for a very very long time, because my adrenal glands were wiped out. I truly was disappointed in myself and that my body had given out on me. 

So here's to the power of food.   If you read this and think I'm crazy, that's ok, I always thought I was too.  The crazier the better, at least I've got the sense to try something much simpler than what the doctors had to offer.  Check out and see for yourself, you may be able to reduce the meds or avoid them completely.   Take the burden off the health care system!

Friday, September 3, 2010

women to women

 Here is a website that I've referred to often to get better answers to questions regarding arthritis, fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue.
    I don't expect all health care professionals to have all the answers.  This site has been especially informative.  When I talk with my providers I can ask all the right questions and even give them some answers.  I'm especially intrigued by the use of phytotherapy to clean up my adrenal system. When one hormone is out of balance that will throw off all the rest.  So it just simply makes sense that I've chosen to use phytotherapy and mostly whole foods in my own healing process.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The power of food

4 months ago my health forced me to change my diet. I was suffering with arthritis and fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, and early onset of menopause, and to top it all off, a nodule was found on my thyroid. Each doctor and health care professional I saw wanted to throw medication at me, which seemed good at the time because I was desperate to make the madness stop. Within a couple of weeks, while my hair was falling out, I decided that I was too young to start taking meds on a daily basis, there had to be a way to get a firm grasp on what was wreaking havoc in my body. I referred back to a nutritionist, Karen Hurd ( , who had worked wonders in my daughters life after she had suffered with human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (from a tick bite) for several months.
I have learned that by keeping my diet as simple as possible when I dare to eat, sugars or dairy products, I feel it within minutes. My diet today consists of vegetables, proteins, nuts, legumes and water. That's it! I shop the outer perimeter of the grocery store and avoid all processed foods. I'm not cured yet, but I've regained energy and strength, and the aches and pains are much less intense. And if I over do my workout or physically work hard for too long, I make sure I eat more frequent and replenish my system with water. Food is my medicine!
Eventually I will be able to eat from a less strict menu, but right now my body is working on healing itself. I do test myself occasionally with a piece of cheese or something sweet, but it still brings out the arthritis and fibromyalgia.
Good habits and nutrition take time. I am all for using food in a medicinal way before hitting that bottle or bottles of medication. I am proof that the science of food really works wonders in how a body feels. I challenge anyone to quit shoveling the processed and over sweetened crap into your body for a month and see and FEEL what happens. You'll have energy, your hair will start to grow faster, your skin will be more resilient, and you'll drop pounds quickly.......just to name a few advantages.
Following a strict diet seems pretty drastic, but I knew that it would be my last hope before accepting a life of medication. What I felt before was like being near death and at the age of 47 that just wasn't acceptable. I have always walked and biked or worked out at my local gym. By no means was I neglecting my health. But I continually felt like I was dragging my ass out of bed in the morning to barely put in a full day of life. I truly felt like I was at least 80 years old. What I was doing to myself is what many of us women continue to do. I thought that I needed to increase my intake of dairy products (for calcium to maintain bone) as I age. But now I'm getting more of that in the vegetables and meat than I ever could in the dairy products. I was fooled into believing that the only way to get optimal calcium was in that glass of milk or piece of cheese. Now I've learned that all it was doing for me was causing my joints to become more inflamed and messing with my muscles too.
Someday I will be reintroducing some 'tastier', heavier things back into my diet, but right now my focus is on getting well. I was told in the beginning that it will probably take 18 months to 2 years to get the full benefit of eating right. Four months ago that seemed daunting, but once I got started and really felt the improvement I welcome the daily challenge. There's no turning back now!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Read about Scott's heroic fight against the life changing effects of arterial dissection and stroke at
Quite an amazing story and very inspirational. It should make everyone that is leading what most know as a normal life, not to waste a single minute. Today is all we have as we know it.
He also has recently published a book, check it out at the above link.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Trick in Life

The trick in life isn't necessarily avoiding making the mistake, it's how you deal with what's left after you make the mistake.